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Photo gallery with iOS 9 style


Taking picture you have camera app. Seeing picture you have photo gallery app. And seeing picture a new way you have Photo gallery with iOS 9 style. And why it’s called new way. This app is not so different with the default gallery app. But what make it different is the style and the design of this app. This gallery is design with the style of the app on ìPhone 6s. From the design, color, font and layout, all of the best features of photo gallery app on íphone are now here for you. With the style of iOS 9, your photo gallery app bring you the best. The layout with many way to see your photo, you can view them with moment or collection style. And you want something classic, see it in album mode. Not hard to use but very beautiful and classy. Ios 9 style bring you all of these beauty. Let try Photo gallery with iOS 9 style Photo gallery with iOS 9 style features:- Photo gallery iOS 9 time view (Moment/Album/Collection)- Flat trending design- See photo right on thumbnail - Sync your photo gallery to the ĩPhone 6s gallery very fast- Create your own album with iOs 9 style- Search photo easily with date to find them- Photo gallery with full flat and classy design- Show info of day month year place with ios 9 font style - Change view to collection to see all image ios 9 with date and time- Move photo from album to album easily- Very smooth and beautiful just like iOS 9- Taking picture right in this photo gallery iOS 9 styleThank you for using Photo gallery with iOS 9 style